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Zumba, Aerobics 'n' Tone, Body Conditioning, Fitness Pilates & Pilates.

Welcome to Becky's Fitness, 
Cambourne and Willingham, Cambridge, UK
Fitness, keeping fit, feeling healthy and having fun is my aim for you.

Becky's Fitness is all about getting fit, having fun and meeting new and old friends in a fun environment.

NOTICES:  Final term time class Monday 23rd July.  Full timetable resumes Wednesday 5th September
Summer holiday timetable
Cambourne Summer classes
Monday 7.30pm – August 20
Tuesday 9.15am – July 24 (Fitness Pilates - £6 per class)
Thursday 8pm – July 26, August 23, August 30
Willingham Summer holiday classes:
Monday 9.30am – Sept 3
Wednesday 7.30pm – July 25 , August 1 , August 22
Friday 9.30am – August 24, August 31 

Do you want to keep-fit, have fun and meet new people?
If your answer is yes then why not come along to one of my fun fitness classes held in the Cambridgeshire Villages of Willingham and Cambourne.
Either drop-in or pay via Standing order.

Fancy a one-on-one session, in your own home, my home or in the great outdoors then send me a message to arrange an initial appointment.


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